• [Woman diving from pier], Johnston, J. S. (John S.), New York, NY 1892

Teacher Resource Guides

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How to Use the Guides

1. Engage students with primary sources.
Draw on students’ prior knowledge of the topic and ask students to closely observe each image.
• Who created it?
• When was it created?
• Where does your eye go first?
• Help students see key details.
• What do you see that you didn’t expect? Encourage students to think about their personal response to the image.
• What feelings and thoughts does the image trigger in you?
• What questions does it raise?
2. Promote student inquiry.
Encourage students to speculate about each image, its creator, and its context.
• What was happening during this time period?
• What was the creator’s purpose in making this object?
• What does the creator do to get his or her point across?
• Who was this primary source’s audience?
• What biases or stereotypes do you see? Ask if this source agrees with other primary sources, or with what the students already know.
• Ask students to test their assumptions about the past.
• Ask students to find other primary or secondary sources that offer support or
3. Assess how students apply critical thinking and analysis skills to images.
• Have students summarize what they’ve learned.
• Ask for reasons and specific evidence to support their conclusions.
• Help students identify questions for further investigation and develop
strategies for how they might answer them.