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The City as Primary Source: Connecting the City, Local Collections, and the Library of Congress

Teaching with primary sources allows educators to design student-centered learning experiences focused on the development of critical skills and building content knowledge. The City provides a vast array of primary source material to help understand history, culture, and identity. In this course, educators will examine the city of Philadelphia - its layout and geography, architecture, and the art it inspires - as a primary source. Educators will examine primary sources from direct access to sites around the city and local collections, as well as from the digital resources made available by the Library of Congress. Site visits include guided tours of historical and cultural attractions, an architect-led walking tour of significant buildings in the city, and a site visit with a working artist including a hands-on studio activity. Comfortable attire and footwear are suggested for participants in this course, as walking is required, and most sites are outdoors.
Credits & Fees
3.0 credits
Tuition: $525, $50 materials fee
Tuition: FREE, $50 materials fee
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