• Portrait of Louis Armstrong, Aquarium, New York, N.Y., ca. July 1946

Discovering the Roots of American Music to Enhance the Curriculum

With hands-on activities and engaging exercises, focus on the use of digital archives of the Library of Congress to effectively and thoroughly plan, prepare and design lessons incorporating 20th century American music, particularly jazz and its influences, into the curriculum. This course begins with the Library of Congress digital archives, the differentiation of primary and secondary sources, and the ability to access musical resources to provide a multi-modal and multi-sensory approach to teaching historical content through a creative arts perspective. Individuals are engaged in the exploration and appreciation of jazz music and the significance of jazz in American history and society - from tradition to innovation. As an outgrowth of immersion into jazz in 20th century America, participants design a unit of study relevant to their interests and/or current classroom curricula. This design incorporates and enhances learning through the use of the Library of Congress digital archives collected and employed within the unit. Course designed for K-8 teachers interested in methods to create musical connections to American history and culture to enhance student learning.
Credits & Fees
3.0 credits
Tuition: $475

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The University of the Arts
Beth Sokolowski