• Susan Baptist a Projectionist Shows Training Films for the Troops as well as More Popular Motion Pictures

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  • Susan Baptist a Projectionist Shows Training Films for the Troops as well as More Popular Motion Pictures
  • Susan Baptist, a projectionist, shows training films for the troops as well as more popular motion pictures. , None. [Between 1940 and 1950] Photograph.

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TPS Coaches Program

We are pleased to invite teachers to become a TPS Coach. This is an opportunity to empower yourself to become a leader in your school, develop adult teaching strategies, lead professional development, and share your enthusiasm of the Teaching with Primary Sources program and your experiences at the University of the Arts with your colleagues.
This FREE training provides each Coach with skills to build and strengthen adult learning methods, specifically to lead teacher professional development.
We seek dedicated, innovative and creative teachers to join us for this great opportunity!


What is a TPS Coach?

The TPS-UArts Coach program is part of the national TPS consortium, funded by the Library of Congress. As a TPS Level III Teacher Coach, you will advocate for the use of primary sources, and help disseminate the ideas, methods and products of the TPS program to your local school and educational community networks. TPS Coaches learn:
  • How to apply TPS materials and methods, using knowledge gained from TPS Level I and II curriculum.
  • How to adapt and deliver TPS professional development and/or create effective coaching to meet the needs of adult learners.
  • To provide fellow teachers the knowledge, skills, and aspirations to use TPS content in classrooms.
  • A variety of coaching techniques to support teachers in the use of Library of Congress primary sources and TPS strategies.

What TPS Coaches say about the UArts TPS Coaches Program

  • "My training as a TPS coach empowers me to connect both my students and my colleagues with powerful primary sources across many disciplines. In an age where anyone with a computer can create their own news, it is especially important that educators empower their students to be conscious of their sources for information. Going directly to the source allows students to interpret the past in their own way. By working with teachers to integrate Library of Congress resources, more students will gain the transferable investigative skills...and what more could I want as a social studies teacher?"
    - Christa Reitz, 7th Grade Social Studies, Tamanend Middle School, Central Bucks School District
  • "Affiliation with an incredible group of dedicated professionals seeking innovative ways of teaching research and accessing the tools of the Library of Congress."
    -Jodi Sabra, 6th Grade - Social Studies and Language Arts, Radnor Middle School

What are the benefits to me and to my school district?

  • This FREE training provides each Coach with skills to build and strengthen adult learning, specifically to lead teacher professional development.
  • Completion of the training earns 3.0 graduate credits, at no cost!
  • Ability to deliver introductory TPS training workshops at your school to help your colleagues use and implement the free resources of the Library of Congress across the curriculum.
  • Coaches receive an iPad Mini upon successful delivery of a training session at your school district.
  • Inclusion in the growing TPS-UArts team, and the larger TPS consortium network which shares the inquiry-based learning process and approaches with others.
  • This credential is recognized by teachers and administrators and is an excellent addition your resume.

Who should apply?

  • Passionate, dedicated K-12 teachers who value collaborative, cross-disciplinary learning with an interest in using primary sources.
  • We are seeking a diverse mix of subject areas, grade levels, districts, and other criteria.
  • Participants must have completed at least one full TPS-UArts course in recent years.
  • Participants must be comfortable with internet searching, uploads, and other basic computing skills to participate.
  • Teachers must be able to commit to both in-person workshops held at the University of the Arts, and online self-directed content.

How do I apply?

  • Submit an official transcript(s) from universities attended where the highest level degree was earned.
  • Complete the attached application form by January 11, 2019 and hear back from us within the week.
  • Submit a one-page statement regarding your experiences with the Teaching with Primary Sources Program at the University of the Arts and your interest in becoming a Coach, along with your resume.
  • Spaces are limited – apply now!
Send completed application form and supplemental materials to:
University of the Arts
Graduate & Professional Studies
Attn: Teaching with Primary Sources
320 South Broad Street
Philadelphia PA 19102
Or submit via email to
2019 Program Information

Coach Application Form

Training Info & Requirements

Questions?  tps@uarts.edu